YG Announces Debut of New Boy Group TREASURE

YG announces TREASURE'S Debut

On July 13th, YG Entertainment posted on their official Twitter account a coming soon poster announcing the imminent debut of their new boy group TREASURE.

TREASURE is a group made of 12 members from the idol survival variety show YG Treasure Box that aired between 2018 and 2019. The coming soon poster featured 12 stars over a blue gradient background grouped together to make the shape of a diamond.

This is YG’s fourth boy group, followed by Big Bang, Winner, and IKON. Fans have been waiting for the group’s debut for almost 2 years now. The group’s main vocalist Bang Ye Dam released his first solo in June and it was well-received topping Itune charts in 9 countries. This further proves how popular the group is and how fans have been building a lot of expectations while waiting.

YG also revealed that the group would be making multiple comebacks for the rest of the year. So are you excited about TREASURE’s debut? Let me know in the comments.

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