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[WATCH] 100 Days My Prince Korean Drama


  • Name: 100 Days My Prince
  • Alternative name: Hundred Days’ Husband
  • Hangul: 백일의 낭군님
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcasting Network: tvN
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Release date: September 10, 2018
  • Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays
  • Director:  Lee Jong Jae
  • Writer: No Ji Sul
  • Production:  Studio Dragon


100 Days My Prince takes place in the Joseon Era. Lee Yul is the Crown Prince. He is cold and distant and does not seem to care about anyone in the palace. They want him to consume his marriage with the princess because of a drought that has been hurting the country, but he refuses. Instead, he passes a law that requires all Korean citizens of marriageable age to get married before the age of 28.

Hong Shim is a beautiful woman but she is also the oldest unmarried woman in her village. She is too busy working multiple jobs to take care of her loved ones. She now has to find a husband quickly or she will get punished for disobeying the law.

One day, there is an assassination attempt against Lee Yul. He makes it out alive but he loses all his memory and finds himself under the care of Hong Shim and her father. He gets pressured to marry her to protect her from getting punished by the law.

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