Monsta X Ideal Type

Each Monsta X Member’s Ideal Type Revealed

Monbebe are very passionate and very loyal fans. They never fail to show a lot of love to all the members of Monsta X. If you are a Monbebe, I am sure that you have taken the time to learn everything about all the members and you know them by...
YG announces TREASURE'S Debut

YG Announces Debut of New Boy Group TREASURE

On July 13th, YG Entertainment posted on their official Twitter account a coming soon poster announcing the imminent debut of their new boy group TREASURE. TREASURE is a group made of 12 members from the idol survival variety show YG Treasure Box that aired between 2018 and 2019. The coming soon poster featured...
GOT7 Ideal Type Revealed

Each Got7 Member’s Ideal Type Revealed

GOT7 is one of the most sought after kpop boy groups in the world. They are super talented and good looking. And, as of this writing, they are all still single. So it's easy to understand why a lot of people are trying to find out what they are looking...
30 Chinese Kpop Idols you should know

30 Chinese Kpop Idols You Should Know

Kpop idols are popular globally but especially in Asian countries. Entertainment companies especially love to promote in Japan and China, which is why many kpop groups are now more diverse. Having Chinese members, Japanese members, or Thai members makes it easy for fans from other countries to connect with the...
Thai Kpop Idols

8 Thai Kpop Idols That You Should Know

It is very common to find Chinese and Japanese Idols. But more recently there has been a wave of idols from different countries, especially Thailand. Here is a list of 9 Thai Kpop idols that you should add to your list of favorites: Lisa Stage Name: Lisa (리사)Real Name: Lalisa...

27 Japanese Kpop Idols You Should Know

Kpop music is one of the most addicting genres in the world. So many people from different countries have fallen in love with it. So, it is no surprise that people from different nationalities audition to become kpop singers. Japan being a close neighbor to South Korea, many kpop idols...
Kai dating - Kai girlfriend

Kai Girlfriend: Who is EXO Kai Dating?

EXO Kai is definitely the ladies' man. He is so handsome and irresistible that it is not hard to understand why so many women have fallen in love with him. Being part of one of the most successful kpop boy groups means that your fans are always looking to find...
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