Soribada Awards 2020 Apologizes After Angry EXO Fans Demand An Explanation

The 2020 Soribada Awards apologize to EXO

On June 11th, the Soribada Award 2020 revealed their list of nominees Bonsang (main prize) this year, and EXO fans were quick to notice that EXO did not make the cut.

EXO-Ls were furious that EXO was not on the list of nominees even though they met all the criteria. They demanded an explanation from the organizers.

The Soribada Awards put out an explanation, but fans became more upset and pushed back saying their reason is not valid. The Soribada awards said that EXO did not qualify to be nominated for the Bosang because one of their members left the group during the selection period. However, that does not seem to be the case. According to information available on the SM Entertainment website, no member let the group recently.

However, on June 12th, the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards issued an apology to EXO and the fans. It seems that miscommunication between the staff during the planning and selection process led to them not adding EXO on the list. They announced that they will be adding EXO back to the list. They also revealed that another artist was omitted and will also be added. A new communication should go out on June 16th.

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