Jimin Leaves AOA Amidst Bullying Accusations from Former Member Mina

Jimin Leaves AOA Amidst Bullying Accusations

FNC Entertainment announced on July 4, 2020 that Jimin will be leaving AOA.

In an official statement, FNC apologized to the fans explaining that they felt responsible for what took place. They announced that effective immediately, Jimin would no longer be a member of AOA and would no longer take part in any activities in the entertainment industry.

On July 3, former AOA member, Mina, took to her Instagram to describe how she had been allegedly bullied by Jimin for around a decade. Through multiple posts, Mina described a series of different events where Jimin was awful to her and caused her to try and commit suicide multiple times. Mina later revealed that Jimin came to her house to apologize to her. She wrote in her post that she accepted Jimin’s apology even though she does not believe that she was sincere.

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