Ji Chang Wook Latest IG Post Receives Criticisms amidst Controversy Over Racist Scenes In Show

Ji Changwook allegedly posts racist Instagram video

On July 8th, Ji Chang Wook uploaded a video of himself and actor Eum Moonsuk doing a series of martial arts/acrobatic moves in their “Backstreet Rookie” character’s costumes.

The post immediately received a lot of negative feedback from the international community. They felt that the post was racist and inappropriate.

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편의점 장룡이.

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This stems from the fact that many people have voiced their complaints regarding actor Eum Moonsuk’s character. In the show, he plays a webtoon artist named Han Dal Sik who attempts to dress and talk like Jamaican people. But most people feel that the character’s portrayal degrades Jamaican people.

The show has had many questionable scenes that put into question why the writer chose to have such a character in the drama. From Han Dal Sik picking flies from his locks to the Nigerian customer saying he is part of the Jamaican family ( Nigeria and Jamaica are two different countries), it seems that the writer is not clear what is the difference between diversity and cultural appropriation.

Fans are disappointed that Ji Chang Wook displayed the character on his personal Instagram page.

How do you feel about Eum Moonsuk’s character? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I don’t think it’s about racist. They just get along so well in the drama and they are friends you know this kind of negative mindset should leave. I think the writer wants to convey that all skin color can get a long and work together in any field. People should think about the positive way not negative way it’s not healthy tho. And i’m a big fan of jichangwook and his work never let me down.

    1. The writer can portray that all skin colors can get along without making Jamaica synonymous with Nigeria, locs dirty and using ignorant tropes to showcase a culture he seems to have very little knowledge of. It IS racist.

      1. The character in and of itself IS in fact racist because it is based upon a stereotypical viewpoint of Jamaicans. 1st all Jamaicans are not lock wearers. 2nd those colors are not Jamaican colors (their flag – 🇯🇲) but more aligned and associated with Rastafarians which is a religious belief system (not a race). 3rd, as previously stated, Nigeria is in Africa and isn’t associated with Jamaica aside from skin color. BUT to know that, the people in charge from scriptwriters to directors to actors would need to know that. They didn’t care to know and thus we have this extremely racist portrayal. Ji Chang Wook lost me (Song Rae) as a long time fan of 10 years because after all of the complaints and emails and backlash received, he chose to post this character on his IG and on his Stories, so what can I read from that other than he nor Eum Moon Suk respect the hurtful portrayal that his Nigerian, Jamaican, and black fans have said this situation is for us. I personally messaged him, SBS, Moon Suk, and the screenwriter ( with no response). So, I can no longer call myself a fan and I have lost respect for him by making that choice. He didn’t have to post it. It was fanning an already lit fire; totally unnecessary.

        1. I agree with you. I emailed SBS too, but I’m not holding my breath😞 I have been a fan of Ji Chang Wook since watching him in Healer and after seeing his IG posts, I feel completely disillusioned about him. I stopped watching this drama as soon as I saw the character with dreadlocks and how he was portrayed, but I gave the actors the benefit of the doubt. Like, maybe they just don’t understand that it is offensive? But no. They got tons of feedback explaining why it was offensive. All they had to do was apologize to anyone they offended and change that character. Instead, JCW and the actor appropriating a black man decided to give a big middle finger to all the black fans who were offended. JCW is racist at worst or dumb as a brick at best, neither of which are appealing.
          And to anyone who says to “lighten up” or “it’s just comedy” or “let’s just spread positive vibes” um… this drama ain’t it. They pretty much got as close to blackface as they could without actually painting the actor’s face black. “White performers in blackface played characters that perpetuated a range of negative stereotypes about African Americans including being lazy, ignorant, superstitious, hypersexual, criminal or cowardly.” ( Hmmmm…. what character does that sound like? But it’s just comedy, right? 🙄

  2. If you’re not Jamaican,Nigerian, or black you shouldn’t have a opinion on whether they went too far or not.

  3. I don’t think so that this are all about racism or cultural fact if you aren’t Jamaican Nigerian or brown you shouldn’t have a opinion on this whether they went to this far or not

  4. No it’s not about racism I don’t think so they too far
    People are so thinking this as negative everywhere

  5. It’s great that the writer wants to be more inclusive of different cultures. However it is important to portray each culture correctly. We don’t jus want to be included, those days are gone, we want to be appropriately represented when we are included, else don’t do it at all. It would show more consideration if they actually took the time to learn about the cultures that they are portraying, in this case Nigerian 🇳🇬 which is in Africa and Jamaican 🇯🇲 which is an island in the Caribbean.
    I love Ji Chang Wook, but as an actor he should be a little more woke, cause us the international fans, are also black and from Africa or the islands, point is he is loved and followed by a diverse range of pple….

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