Indian News Channel Receives Backlash for Calling BLACKPINK Chinese Strippers

Indian News Outlet calls BLACKPINK members Chinese strippers

India and China are currently in the middle of a border dispute and it seems that somehow BLACKPINK got caught in the middle.

An Indian news channel called “News NationTV” recently aired a national news segment criticizing the Chinese government. During the segment, they showed a clip of BLACKPINK performing on stage, and the members were labeled as “Chinese Strippers”.

The news segment immediately received a lot of criticism from BLACKPINK fans located both in India and internationally. Fans were surprised to see that a news company could relay false information (BLACKPINK is a Korean idol group, not Chinese). But they were even more outraged that the news outlet used such derogatory words to describe female performing artists.

News NationTV responded to the backlash by saying that the uploaded BLACKPINK clip was a technical error but that they stand by their reporting.

BLACKPINK fans are not satisfied by the answer and are demanding a formal apology. Do you think their response was sufficient? Let me know in the comments.

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