GOT7’s Youngjae Calls Out Sasaengs: “Are you threatening me?”

Youngjae addresses Sasaeng in Instagram story

On July 2, GOT7’s Youngjae posted a message via his personal Instagram stories expressing his anger towards the sasaengs who continue to invade his privacy.

The idol posted the following message to his Instagram: “Do not come in front of the hair and makeup shop”. He continued on by saying that the sasaeng secretly took photos of him speaking with other people at a cafe and came up to him and asked if they could post it. He did not like it because this is an invasion of his privacy. He goes as far as writing “Are you threatening me?”

Youngjae Instagram story @333cyj333

Youngjae has been dealing with sasaengs throughout his career and over the years he has had to publicly address them on multiple occasions. He believes that this kind of behavior can really ruin a person’s life. The idol is hoping that they will listen and stop.

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