DAY6’s Jae Publicly Complains About JYP, The Company Responds

DAY6's Jae complains about JYP's Lack Of Support

On June 29th, DAY6’s Jae responded to a tweet from DAY6’s official Twitter account asking them “Why don’t you repost my Dive stuff?”. The original tweet was promoting content from Dive Studio that involves another DAY6 member.

Then, on June 30th, Jae provided a more detailed explanation about why he is frustrated with JYP Entertainment. The idol revealed that JYP never promoted any of his recent activity, like his Facebook podcast “HWAITING” or his collaboration with 88rising.

He also mentioned that it took a lot of effort for him to get approval for his youtube channel. But he then had to close the channel because he felt that he was getting a lot of negative feedback because the people at the company did not like it. This was even more frustrating because another member was allowed to create a channel with no issues. The other member even received approved scheduled time for it and funds to create content.

JYP Entertainment responded to the accusations and told news outlets that Jae’s frustration was due to a series of misunderstandings. They talked to the member and the issue is resolved. They promised that this would not happen again in the future.

Jae seems to share the same sentiment because he also released a similar statement saying that after talking to JYP he realizes that there were some miscommunications. His issue has nothing to do with the other members and he does not want people to think there are issues with the other members. He also apologized for causing his fans to worry.

As guys all know, DAY6 is currently on hiatus as the members are trying to focus on their mental health.

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