BTS is Launching a New Reality Show Focused on Nature

BTS new Reality TV Show “In the SOOP BTS Ver.”

BTS announces that they are greeting their fans with a new reality show!

The new reality program will be called “In the SOOP BTS Ver.” and will follow all the BTS members as they enjoy spending time in the forest doing their favorite activities. The show is a cross between daily life activities and relaxation.

The concept of the show is about showcasing how each member likes to spend his individual time when they are not on stage and what their hobbies are. However, all the members will still be spending a lot of time together. The report also emphasizes that all the BTS members will have a lot of creative freedom on what happens on the show and will have minimal interaction with the production team.

The show will consist of 8 episodes of about 60 minutes each. It will premiere on August 19th and will air on JTBC every Wednesday at 11:00 PM. The fans will also have the opportunity to stream the show on BTS’s Weverse community starting August 20th at midnight. However, on Weverse an extended 80-minute version of the episodes will be available giving the fans access to never before seen behind-the-scenes footage.

Are you excited to see how all the BTS members handle living in a forest? Let me know in the comments.

BTS new Reality TV Show “In the SOOP BTS Ver.”

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  1. Is on weverse we watche for free of cost if yes I’m so happy to watch this show and channel is available on youtube?💜💜💜💜💜

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