“Backstreet Rookie” Under Review By Korea Communications Standards Commission Because of The Sexually Suggestive Scenes

Backstreet Rookie Korean Drama

Backstreet Rookie” has received around 6,384 civil complaints in counting. According to a representative of the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC), this is the greatest number of civil complaints received in the last year for a television program. Moreover, this is one of the greatest numbers of complaints ever received for a television program in general.

Following this influx of complaints, Media Today today revealed that “Backstreet Rookie” was under review because of the various sexually suggestive scenes and the show could face disciplinary actions.

The chairwoman of KOCSC’s subcommittee held a meeting on July 8 and decided that they needed to hear a “statement of opinion” from the production team after looking at the first episode. They have determined that the first episode violated many provisions of the broadcasting regulations. A statement opinion involves bringing someone from the production team and asking them why they chose to make this broadcast.

The committee members are also criticizing the drama’s rating. The drama is based on the webtoon which was rated 19+. But they decided to rate the drama 15+ without making any adjustments during the editing process or the writing process. They kept many of the sexually suggestive scenes and profane language.

A committee member named Kang Jin Sook complained that the drama sexually objectifies female teenagers through the perspective of men. The production team did not make changes when it comes to the camera angles focusing on the teenage girls’ lower half. They also kept a scene where a teenager asks an older man to buy her cigarettes and ends up kissing him. They also were not careful about how to represent the scene in which the webtoon author makes moaning noises while drawing naked women.

All those factors, in the committee’s opinion, so far suggest that there are a lot of fundamental problems with the directing choices made.

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  1. I’m dumbfounded…I’m 68 yrs old and amazed how some tie themselves to the past and old outdated views. it’s 2020 not 1950. WOW
    I’ve seen every episode And haven’t been scandalized yet. Get a grip

  2. I think people need to relax a bit let the teens think for themselves. As far as I have seen young Koreans work hard, have high morals and are not influenced that easily by just a TV show let them live a little and not be so sheltered to the real world. Just let them enjoy a fun show with great actors and producers! It’s a great show If most of Korea cant handle it send it over to the US it would be a big hit here just sayin lol! Not meaning it rudely at all I love Koreans! I absolutley love Ji Chang Wook also he is one of my all time favorite Actors! Much love from the US! “Dont let them bring you down Ji Chang Wook” 👊🏼😊 🇺🇸🇰🇷

      1. How can the people complain it. Come on dude it’s the new era. Gosh plzz change d thinking. The very good dram how can someone complain abt it. As far there were no sexual Sceans. Gosh u people really need to change d thinking…..

  3. Honestly, I’m a teenager and all these things never came to my mind when I was watching the show,all the details mentioned didn’t leave an impact in my mind,I just thought of how funny the series was a of course our oppa ji chang wook is starring in this series,I just feel that all these points are unnecessary,cause yeah I know the ratings are low and all,but just give them a break if you look at the drama also,they didn’t make it centered on those sexual aspects too much,plus I dont think many people’s minds are focused on the age difference cause we already know these actors so it wouldn’t make a difference for me,just saying💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

  4. Pls I really don’t understand why there’s so much problem with this drama, there’s nothing of the sort of what they are complaining about. Pls send the film over to Nigeria, it’s really selling out. We love Korean films and their actors

  5. As a teenager I agree with this. But the drama isn’t bad as they think bcos the cast, their acting is all good. I enjoyed watching it!! I only agree the fact that where the webtoon author make moaning voices while drawing naked women. They should be more careful while shooting these kind of actings I feel a bit uncomfortable while watching that part so I just skip forward and watch the rest of the drama.

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