Kang Sora Pregnant

Kang Sora is Pregnant With Her First Child

Kang Sora is expecting her first child! On November 19, MyDaily reported that Kang Sora is pregnant with her first child and is currently focusing on getting prenatal education. The newly expecting mother is looking forward to the birth of her child with caution. She is set to give birth...
Just Between Lovers
Dramas to Watch

[WATCH] Just Between Lovers Korean Drama

Profile Name: Just Between LoversAlternative name: Just in Love, Just Lovers, Rain or ShineHangul: 그냥 사랑하는 사이Episodes: 16Broadcasting Network: jTBCGenre: Melodrama, RomanceRelease date: December 11, 2017Air time: Mondays & TuesdaysDirector: Kim Jin WonWriter: Yoo Bo Ra Synopsis Lee Kang Doo biggest dream was to become a soccer player. But he was...
BTS Era and BTS Photoshoot

BTS Photoshoot and Videos for Every BTS Era

If you are a BTS fan, you are truly blessed. Our boys consistently provide us with new content that keeps us asking for more. Because they have a very extensive discography and have been active for about 7 years now, it can be hard to define a BTS era. Some...
EXO Height

EXO Height – Who Is The Tallest EXO Member?

In a large group like EXO, it is not always easy to determine who is the tallest member and who is the shortest member. Even when they line side by side during photoshoot, it is still hard to determine the EXO members heights. Take the picture below as an example....
Monsta X Ideal Type

Each Monsta X Member’s Ideal Type Revealed

Monbebe are very passionate and very loyal fans. They never fail to show a lot of love to all the members of Monsta X. If you are a Monbebe, I am sure that you have taken the time to learn everything about all the members and you know them by...
Chinese Actress Shen Yue Profile and TV shows

[Profile] Shen Yue TV Shows + 12 Crazy Facts You Need To Know

Shen Yue Profile Shen Yue Name: 沈月Shen Yue Birthday: February 27, 1997Shen Yue age: 23Shen Yue Zodiac Sign: PiscesShen Yue Height: 5’2″ (1.57 m)Shen Yue Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)Shen Yue Agency: Mantra PicturesYears active: 2017 - PresentShen Yue Instagram: @shenyueyeah Shen Yue TV Shows and Dramas Let's Shake It!...
Profile Xu Kaicheng

[Profile] Xu Kaicheng and 9 amazing Facts You won’t Believe

Xu Kai Profile Alternative Name: Kevin Xu and Xu SosoXu Kaicheng age: 30Xu Kaicheng Birthday: August 8, 1990Nationality: ChineseXu Kaicheng Sign: LeoXu Kaicheng Height: 6' 2"Xu Kaicheng Weight: unknowAgency: Ming Dao's Entertainment Years Active: 2012 - PresentXu Kaicheng Instagram: @renton0808 Dramas The Queen of SOP II (2013)Only if I love...
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