Actor Won Bin is Receiving Backlash for Turning Down Role in The Drama “The Immortal”

Won Bin declines offer to star in The Immortal

On June 23rd, a report surfaced that Won Bin declined the offer to star in the upcoming blockbuster drama “The Immortal“. Won Bin was seriously considering the role but declined it because he felt burdened by the idea of returning to dramas

The drama tells the story of a man who is unable to die even after 600 years. He is in love with a woman who keeps reincarnating throughout those 600 years but never loses her memories of her past lives.

The drama will have an enormous budget of 40 billion Won ($33,144,984.00 USD) and is drawing a lot of attention. “The immortal” will be directed by Jung Ji Hyun who co-directed “Mr. Sunshine“, and is written by Kwon So-Ra from the horror drama “The Guest“.

Netizens are unhappy because they feel that Won Bin is refusing to work as an actor. His last project was the movie ‘The Man from Nowhere‘ in 2010. He was offered a role in 2016 to star in the movie ‘Still Life‘, but he declined the offer because of creative differences on how to execute the adaptation. Netizens feel that he is being lazy because he keeps doing commercials and endorsement deals instead of choosing a drama or a film.

The production team will resume its search for a new lead. What do you think about this news? Let me know in the comments if you feel that the backlash is deserved.

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  1. Who care what the Netizen thinks! These netizens think that can have a say on what these actors should do is outright stupid and idiotic! So freaking ridiculous! Just like they’re wanting the cancellation of “backstreet rookie”! Get a life of your own and get of the internet if you don’t like these actor’s decisions!

  2. Who cares what the netizens thinks! If they think they have a say in what these actors do or shouldn’t do is outright stupid and idiotic! Just like they think the network should cancel “backstreet rookie”?! How ridiculous? Get a life of your own and off the internet if you don’t like the actor’s decisions.

  3. He should had accepted the offer. It’s been so long that he is not on screen. If he do not want to work then take retirement. All people want to see his new self.

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